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Breaking News

The big news is that after 7 years of all the fun of running My Farm Shop, we are shutting up shop after delivery of the 2019 Christmas Hams.

Thank you to all the customers who have supported us to help spread the word about regenerative and sustainable production practices. We are very proud of you all and the fact that you choose to use your purchasing power to support farmers that are doing the right thing.

You'll still see or hear of us around the world of Regenerative Agriculture, as we're putting our energies into some exciting new projects in that space.

You've placed your order and the produce has arrived - now what do you do with it? Here are some tips and tricks that should help you get the most out of the superb pasture raised produce that you've purchased.

Frozen produce

We have chosen to provide the produce in frozen form for a number of reasons - the primary one being that it simplifies all our supply chain logistics (more animals processed in a batch, with longer shelf life), which means that we keep processing costs to a minimum - which means more affordable meat for you.

We also figure that you are going to freeze the produce anyway (unless you decide to have an all out bash and cook up half a cow at a time! - can we come to that party?).

The important thing is to make sure that you handle the frozen produce appropriately so that you maximise the eating quality (how you handle it is important) and also minimise any health risks.

First tip - and an obvious one - is to make sure that you keep the meat fully frozen until you are ready to use it. Keep track of what you have in the freezer (back of an envelope stuck to the freezer works for me), and make sure you are using the produce prior to the use-by dates.

Defrosting the meat

Eating quality of the meat will be impacted by how you defrost it. The safest way to defrost the meat is to let if thaw slowly in the fridge (take it out a day before you want to cook with it). You should then cook it within a few days, and do not re-freeze it unless you have cooked it first.

Cooking tips

Obviously, cooking methods also impact the eating quality of the meat. We've gathered some tips and tricks to help you get the most enjoyment out of our produce.

Beef Cooking Tips

Chicken Cooking Tips

Lamb Cooking Tips

Pork Cooking Tips